About Us

photo, teenWe Are Coaches, Inc. is a non-profit organization above all committed to emotionally and physically healthy kids and families. Through our numerous after-school programs, camps, and lessons our primary goal is to help both mainstream and special needs children build self-reliance which fosters confidence while having fun and gaining new skills. We call this Empowered Learning.

Our organization offers more than just after-school programs, lessons or camps—we create a safe, fun environment for your kids to be empowered to take care of themselves and others, discover the world, and form positive, lasting relationships with their peers and adult mentors.

But education isn’t just for the kids. By coaching parents and caregivers, either one-on-one or in seminars, we hope to help families foster a positive, secure environment based on mutual respect and teamwork.

In June 2015, the Beads For Needs Team at Aviara Oaks Elementary fundraised over $400 for a local, special needs project in Carlsbad.

Since 1998, We Are Coaches has been offering After-School Enrichment Programs serving Del Mar, Cardiff, Encinitas, and Carlsbad Schools. Programs offerings include art related, cooking, and personal growth and character-building classes, all incorpoarating the Empowered Learning theme.

Currently, We Are Coaches is piloting a program for children with autism. This programs allows children an opportunity to interact and socialize with other mentors and peers in their community on a regular basis. Through the socialization process, children are able to expand and develop new relationships and experience a new level of independence. This process creates a small sense of freedom for parents and other family members. Likewise, it opens the minds and hearts of the peers and mentors offering them another opportunity to give back to their community.

Our Philosophy and Vision

Boy & bubblesChildren learn about life, themselves and relationships through play so all of our programs are play-based.  All of our programs weave in Empowered Learning, whereby  kids are given age-appropriate choices. These choices teach them responsibility, natural consequences, and respect for themselves and others.

We Are Coaches believes in safety above all—physical and emotional—and with that as the framework for their programs creates a nurturing environment geared toward meaningful, learning-based fun.

Our love for the nature, outdoors and the ocean translates through our programs. Through Aqua-Adventures & Swim Academy, we offer children beach camps, surf lessons, swim lessons, and ge0-caching, and hiking excursions in a safe environment. During the surf and swim programs, they develop an appreciation for marine nature while gaining confidence in the water. More than 3000 kids have attended these programs.  In our Geo-Cache  & hiking programs, kids blend technology and exploration to foster teamwork and stewardship.

We Are Coaches also believes in social responsibility—that kids really can make a difference. Through Kids M-Power,http://wearecoaches.flywheelsites.com/kids-m-power-2/our art mentors collaborate with students to create various forms of art, exposing them to valuable artisan skills. Our marketing mentors partner with the kids to market and sell their creations in order to benefit children’s charities that inspire them. 

Peg Windisch- Executive Director

Peg Windisch of We Are CoachesPeg Windisch is a teacher, author, public speaker, and Family Relationship CoachHer goal is to bring programs that foster learning, connecting and loving care to families. She does this in a fun, enriching environment. With a degree in Chemistry from Minnesota, a Parent Education Certification from California, and various business certifications, she has happily pursued the following professional endeavors:

In 1996 Peg founded We Are Coaches, Inc. as a non-profit group. As the Executive Director, Windisch, the Board of Directors, and teacher alliance bring various kids and adult programs to communities in North County San Diego.

Peg, INCAF PE Certified, is the founder of the Raising Respectful Children & Families Program, a program for parents and children.  In the past seventeen years she has personally taught over 1700 parents and teachers extended parenting courses, including Redirecting Children’s Behavior. Thousands of parents and teachers have attended her parenting seminars.  Hundreds of  families have benefited from her family coaching sessions including families with special needs children.  Her vision is that all family members learn skills, knowledge, and consciousness regarding family cooperation, team-building, and self-reliance. Peg is currently authoring an innovative resource called, Practical Consequences for Kids’ Behavior, which will be published in 2016.

Since 1998, with We Are Coaches, Peg has been directing  “Empowered Learning, Meaningful Fun” After-School Enrichment Programs serving Del Mar, Cardiff, Encinitas, and Carlsbad Schools. In 2000, they  incorporated Aqua-Adventures Camps and Surf Lessons. In 2002, Swim Academy pool lessons were added in order to strengthen the children’s water safety skills. In 2009, Kids M-Power was developed in order to empower kids to fund raise for other kids by helping them to create marketable art and donate the proceeds to their favorite cause. Her most recent endeavor is to support lcoal families with special needs in order to create more peace, connection, and nurturing for the whole family.

About the Coaches/Mentors

Hike, 96392679, gettyAll teachers, mentors, and counselors at We Are Coaches, Inc. are carefully screened and  trained in safety, CPR, and Empowered Learning, which includes:

  • Offering  developmentally appropriate choices
  • Engaging children in mentally, physically, and emotionally stimulating activities based on their interests
  • Mentoring children so they can learn to problem solve and work out their differences on their own
  • Guiding them into making healthy connections with others and the world around them

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