Parenting Mentor Programs

by admin_aa on May 2, 2010

Through telephone coaching, parents and care-givers receive confidential, personalized, and non-threatening support without ever having to leave their home or office.

Topics include:

Effective, firm & respectful discipline strategies
Effective consequences
Support in understanding child development issues
How to maneuver around behavioral “land-mines”
Understanding your child and his/her personality
Strategies to handle power struggles
Guidance toward more independent and inter-dependent kids


Quickly gain cooperation
Minimize yelling & idle threats
Become calmer, happier, and peaceful with family members
Gain effective communication
How to have more fun in your family

Phone coaching will give you specific and effective strategies that can be introduced and implemented immediately.

We offer a timeframe that is convenient for you and does not require travel. Multiple participants can be involved simultaneously through conferencing. We follow up with an e-mail outlining keypoints with references to additional resources discussed.

No Obligation Consultation

We begin with a ten-minute telephone interview at no cost to you. Getting to know your parenting coach and exchanging information on your issues will familiarize you with our methods.

Fees: $75 (per hour) or $50 (1/2 hour) Package: Six 1-hour sessions, $400

Coach Peg Windisch

Peg Windisch is a teacher, author, public speaker, and Family Relationship & Parenting Mentor. With a Bachelors of Science degree from Minnesota and a Parent Education Certification from California, her mission is to teach skills to families and offer loving care that fosters learning and connecting in a fun, enriching environment. Peg, INCAF PE Certified, is the founder of the Raising Respectful Children Program, a program for parents and children. In the past sixteen years she has personally taught over 1500 parents & teachers. For eight years, she facilitated the Redirecting Children’s Behavior program and was one of the most active parent educators is San Diego. Her vision is that all family members learn skills, knowledge, and consciousness regarding family cooperation, respect, and team-building.

In 1996 Peg founded We Are Coaches, Inc., non-profit group. As the Executive Director, Windisch, the Board of Directors, and teacher alliance bring various kids and adult programs to communities of North County of San Diego. Her professional, hands-on experience with children includes 15 years of teaching, managing and directing camps and enrichment programs for elementary age children. Likewise, she has taught preschool programs, Mommy & Me, & and swim lessons. In 2005, Peg began authoring an innovative parenting resource in partnership with KidCite, Inc. This resource “Practical Consequences for Kids’ Behavior” will be published in 2015. Peg’s personal family experience, involves single, solo and blended family parenting. She is married now and has four young adults ranging in ages 18 to 28 years old.

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