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Strengthening Body & Character in the Ocean.  Pure Beach Fun.

In 2000, the Aqua-Adventures team of coaches began running beach camps at 15th Street in Del Mar. Some of us were surfers; some of us were ocean swimmers, but we all had shared a mutual love for the ocean, similar backgrounds in child development, and the awareness that positive childhood memories can last a lifetime.

Aqua Adventures offers camps and lessons at our beautiful North County beaches, mainly 15th Street in Del Mar, where we have been honored to hold a permit for nine years. We set up base on the gorgeous grassy area next to Powerhouse Park- conveniently and safely located  next to the restrooms and showers-one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!  Our surf  location is one of the best in San Diego for beginners to learn to surf as well as enjoy other fun activities like sandcastle making, body boarding, swimming and hanging out with new and established friends and siblings.

Our goals are to teach kids beach safety, ocean sports, respect and love for marine ecology, friendship and team skills. Aqua-Adventures’ coaches are trained to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment, where kids can have fun while they learn and experience the ocean. We offer choices of well-rounded activities that will strengthen our campers near and in the ocean.



Aqua-Adventures offers camps that are great for beginners to experience the ocean, develop or strengthen surf skills in the white and green waters, build on body boarding skills, strengthen swim skills, and socialize with friends. Our coaches make it fun for your child to learn about surfing and the ocean. Our campers are in small groups with an average of one  trained, caring counselor to four campers.


Aqua-Adventures BEACH & SURF CAMP  (Ages 5-13 years)

This co-ed camp, ages 5 to 13 years, involves mainly surfing and body boarding. Each student is encouraged to surf each day for at least one surf session. Campers choose activities based upon personal preference, weather and water conditions. Whether choosing to boogie board more or surf more, either way they become stronger, more capable ocean athletes. Body boarding skills prepare and strengthen kids for progression to surfing through paddling practice, water-flow experience, wave timing, board balance, and rules of ocean etiquette.

Initially, we teach surfing skills with a one-instructor-to-one-student ratio. Once your child has progressed and feels confident, they are allowed to surf with a ratio of three campers to one coach. At this stage, they are becoming more independent as they strengthen their paddling, turning, duck diving, and pop-up skills.

Aqua-Adventures BEACH & SURF CAMP offers the full range of camp activities:

  • Ocean awareness and safety
  • One-on-one surf lessons (for beginners)  and three-on-one surf support (for advanced beginners)
  • Body boarding
  • Creative sand sculpture & team contests
  • Surf etiquette/environmental awareness
  • Stimulating fitness oriented beach & ball games including yoga
  • skim boarding, ocean kayaking, stand-up paddle (one of these on one day each week)

Click the link to register your child today On-line Registration for Aqua-Adventures Beach & Surf Camp for an experience he or she will never forget!


Aqua-Adventures SANDPIPERS (Ages 5-9 years)

The sandpiper is that small, energetic bird that you can see at the beach running in the shallow water and hopping energetically along the sand. Just like some younger kids who love the beach but are still a little overwhelmed by deeper water, the sandpiper enjoys being wet, but isn’t likely to head out into the waves.

If your little sandpipers aren’t quite ready for a whole day of  learning and practicing water sports, but still love being near the water and in the shallows, building sand structures, and perfecting their boogie board skills, then this camp is for them!

Aqua-Adventures SANDPIPERS is the perfect choice for beach newbies who want to become more acclimated to the beach and water. They will learn, in an engaging and fun way, all about the ocean in order to play and stay safe: tides, waves, currents, marine creatures and marine life, the importance of sun protection and beach/water good manners. Through non-competitive games and activities they will strengthen their basic athletic and shallow water skills, experience team-building, and make new friends, all with our philosophy of Empowered Learning in mind.

Aqua-Adventures SANDPIPERS CAMP offers the following camp activities:

  • Ocean awareness and safety
  • Boogie boarding
  • Creative sand sculpture
  • Surf etiquette/environmental awareness
  • Marine ecology education
  • Fun beach games including scavenger, treasure, and other hunts


  • 15th ST./DEL MAR

Our main location is at 15th St./ Del Mar just directly south of Power House Community Center, 1700 Coast Blvd., Del Mar, CA 92014

We set up our base-camp canopies on the grass area 200 ft. south of  the showers and restrooms of Power House Community Center


Inquire about other San Diego and North County camp locations.


We at Aqua-Adventures take safety very seriously. One component of our camps and lessons is to stress how to avoid accidents in and out of the water. Knowing about riptides, sea life, and awareness of your surroundings are ways to avoid mishaps. Our instructors are all CPR certified and are experienced swimmers and surfers. Lifeguards are always on the beach for help in an emergency.

1. Each counselor has a team of four campers that becomes their own “family.” (4:1 ratio)

2. Counselors are with campers at all times, even escorting them to the restrooms.

3. Surfing is 1:1 ratio for all beginning surfers.

4. All surfing is taught on safe, soft foam boards.

5. Campers are in front of the lifeguard tower while in the water.

6. Campers are in shallow water at all times, except for advanced surfers who head out into the green water accompanied by a surf instructor.

7. Our staff is CPR/First Aid Certified.

8. An adult supervisor is on location at all times.

9. Counselors help kids apply sunscreen at snack and lunchtime.


See registration form. Aqua Adventure Registration Form, 2012 or On-line Registration for Aqua-Adventures Beach & Surf Camp

Camps begin June 11 and run every week through the end of August.


We want to offer our programs to ALL children who sincerely want to attend our programs. If our fees do not work for your family, please call us and we will do everything in our power to support you.

BEACH & SURF Camp &  WATERMAN Camp                            JUNE SPECIAL- Camps for the month of June (Take 10% off)

$390 for 5 days,  9:30 to 2:30 pm

$310 @  for 5 days, 9:30 to 1:00 pm or 1:30 to 4:00 pm

$240 for any 3 days,  9:30 to 2:30

$210  for any 3 days,  9:30 to 1:00  or 1:00 to 4:30 pm

Single day rate:

$70, 9:30 to 1:00 pm

$85,  9:30 to 2:30

Limited space-Call 760.436.1514 for availability

GROUP DISCOUNT: $20/camper for 2-3 registrants; $40/camper for 4 or more registrants

2nd WEEK DISCOUNT: Take an additional 30% discount for any 2nd week of camp.     (This cannot be applied to any other discounts.)



$160 for 3 days ( 9:30 to 1:00 pm)

$185 for any 3 days (9;30 to 2:30 pm)

$200  for 5 days (9:30 to 1:00 pm)

$275  for 5 days (9:30 to 2:30 pm)


GROUP DISCOUNT: $10/camper for 2-3 registrants; $25/camper for 4 or more registrants

BEFORE & AFTER CAMP HOURS – 8:00-9:30 a.m. and 2:30-5:30 p.m., $9/hour.  Group Discounts Available.

On-line registration On-line Registration for Aqua-Adventures Beach & Surf Camp


YOUNG WATERMEN (Co-ed) Ages 9-15 years

This is the ideal intermediate to advanced camp for children who have “grown-up at the beach”.  They love the ocean and are confident swimmers.  They enjoy surfing and/or boogie boarding. Now it’s time that they learn the skills they need to be authentic, well-rounded young watermen. In this exciting camp, which includes swimming, snorkeling, and paddle boarding  they will learn the ins and outs of ocean life. Woven into all these activities are more complicated concepts, like surf etiquette, tides, duck-diving, wave intervals and ocean responsibility.

Campers will be required to pass a swim test on the first day of camp. They must be able to perform a guided swim past the breakers and back in to the shallows.

YOUNG WATERMAN offers the full range of camp activities:

Ocean awareness and safety
Four surfer to one surf instructor (for advanced beginners)
Ocean Swimming (For advanced watermen campers)
Surf etiquette/environmental awareness
Stand-up paddle


ART CAMP at the Beach/Park

What better place to draw inspiration from than the ocean? Monet had his water lilies but our campers will have sand, waves and sea life as their subjects in this fun, creative art camp at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, 15th St., Del Mar.  The focus is drawing and watercolor painting. Other projects include acrylic on canvas and beading. Camp hours: 9:30 to 1:00 pm, Camp cost: $250 per week.  (5 days)



Professional photographer and surfer, Toby Ogden, ( www.tobyogdenphotography.com) has teamed up with Aqua-Adventures to capture all the fun and action that goes on at surf camp. Toby gets shots of some great moments from camp including action shots (surfing & body boarding), still shots (solo and friends), and shot of the whole group.

Beach and Surf Camp Photography Packages range between $40 and $80.


To register is easy.

Option 1:  On-Line   Aqua-Adventures Online Registration.

Option 2: Print, Scan & email:  Aqua-Adventures Beach & Surf Camp Registration

Option 3:  Print & Snail Mail  Aqua-Adventures Beach & Surf Camp Registration

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