family gathered in living room together

We are launching a new year-long pandemic rebound program to help combat the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Family Village Ventures aims to minimize anxiety and maximize nurturing, resiliency, and safety for the entire family during this trying time. Each family will be assigned a personal coach to help them develop a tailored Family Support Plan to help all family members reach their goals healthy communication, positive behavior and reducing stress levels.

Over the course of the year, family members will have access to:

  • Family Gatherings: Free, monthly activities including: field trips, community service, beach days, and potlucks. These gatherings will create a new village of support for caregivers while enabling children to be social, active, expressive, reconnect with peers, and enjoy the outdoors.
  • One on one caregiver coaching: Parents will convene one one one with their assigned coach to gain and practice skills that will help them better navigate the changing family dynamics and create more positive family connections. Activities will give families new strategies and customized solutions for coping post-pandemic.
  • Group Seminars and Workshops: Parents will participate in live parenting seminars to learn essentials of child development and skills geared towards positive discipline, boundary setting and transitioning to post-COVID19 routines.
  • Child mentoring: Children with feelings of isolation, loneliness and loss can be connected to a certified young adult mentor who will connect weekly with their mentees.
two women discussing child mentoring program