Peg Windisch We Are Coaches

Peg Windisch
Executive Director
Parenting Coach | Child Behavioral Specialist

When she was a little girl, Peg Windisch watched the Sound of Music and imagined herself one day growing up to be Maria Von Trap. She was mesmerized by Maria’s ability to foster such playful, nurturing, cooperative connections with the children. Turns out being a singing Nanny is not really a professional thing. So she headed down the path, toward the next best thing. Today she is a designer of programs that foster learning, connecting, loving care, and play within families and for children. She is more than a parenting coach, child behavioral specialist, speaker, and author. She’s also a loyal wife, a caring parent to her four young adults, and a trusted friend to many. Everything she does, from role-playing in workshops to creating treasure hunts at the beach, her vision incorporates creativity and fun. In 1996, Peg founded We Are Coaches, Inc. to spread that vision to a wider community through courses like 'Redirecting Children’s Behavior'. She then developed “Raising Respectful Children’s” Program and the “Super Kids Club” to foster values such as family cooperation, child self-reliance and empowerment. She has personally taught these skills to thousands of parents, children, and professional educators. All her experiences equate to a unique understanding on critical family relationships and how they impact a family’s present and future. In any private coaching session, workshop, camp, or conversation with Peg, you are likely leave with practical knowledge, a bit more confidence, and a smile on your face. Peg believes that a good educator-coach never stops learning and over decades of hands-on professional experiences, she found that every family and child she works and plays with, has something to teach her too.

Tamara Keefe We Are Coaches parent coach

Tamara Keefe
Advisory Board Member
Parent Coach

Tamara Keefe is a very enthusiastic mother of three daughters! She is passionate about supporting parents, children and groups in creating strong, loving families and communities. Through coaching and training, Tamara has helped thousands of people apply the timeless principles of service and leadership. What continues to motivate and inspire her after more than 20 years is the miraculous power of connection, curiosity and courage to transform relationships, families and communities.