We Are Coaches: Transforming Your Family Into The Ultimate Dream Team

When challenged in the parenting realm, you need advice that will help today. Our parent coaches and mentors are best known for giving you solutions to experience more peace now. Our training and experience allows us to provide proven, results-driven parenting solutions right away.

A brighter future
for your family
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Helping your family cope during COVID

Studies reveal that 67% of parents are worried their children have been falling behind socially and emotionally due to COVID19 consequences and restrictions. Meanwhile, one in four parents in the U.S. report worsening mental health and one in seven worsening behavioral health for their children since the pandemic. We Are Coaches is here to give you the support you need to get through this challenging time.

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Group Workshops

Giving parents and families the tools to improve communication through group parenting classes and seminars.

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Providing family solutions through one-on-one parenting coaching and mentoring - in person or over the phone.

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In Home

Teaching parents Raising Respectful Children™ techniques in the comfort of their own home with this full family mentoring experience.