Home Visit (Super-Nanny Style)


Our family coaches bring their extensive training and experience to support you  to reveal new insights, awareness, and practical solutions to parenting, child behavioral issues, and  relationship challenges. The home visit allows us to experience your environment, your relationship with your children, and your children’s relationship with each other. Our objective, trained perspective can lend some valuable insight that will support you in creating more cooperation, peace, and fun in your family. From family rules to routines, our coaches will offer tools that help families work even better and play even more.


All in-home sessions include a detailed email follow up within 48 hours. We may also include other tools and reference materials.
Our desire is that cost would never be a barrier to obtain support. If you’re unable to pay the full fee, just call us on at 760-525-1514 or email info@wearecoaches.com and we can discuss an appropriate fee.
Call to obtain a 30-minute FREE Consultation
Home visit (Super-Nanny Style) Call or email to book a date/time.
All  bookings are subject to a $30 non-refundable deposit.
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