Potential Speaking Topics

  • Avoiding Power Struggles With Your Kids
  • Spoiling your Kids Without Spoiling Their Future
  • Raising Respectful Children & Families
  • Lovable Teens
  • Fantastic Tweens
  • What to Do When Your Kids Drive You Crazy
  • Consequences That Work
  • Family Team-Building for Kids
  • Strategies For Building Closer Family Relationships
  • How To Set Healthy Boundaries For The Use Of Technology
  • Identify And Address Behaviors That Lead To Parent Separation

Upcoming Events

Publications & Speaking Testimonials

Cindy Hellmann

Peg did a parenting session for the parents of the Cardiff School district. As a parent, and a teacher, I found that her information could be applied to both these areas in my life. She was very professional and couldn’t have made it easier for me to have put on this event. I am certain that whatever group she intends to speak to, she will have something to offer everyone.

Cindy Hellmann
Parent Staff Organization President at Cardiff School District

Cynthia Choi

I am thankful for financial aid, received through We Are Coaches, which allowed me to taking Peg’s Raising Respectful Children’s program. This course helped me to develop a healthier relationship with my sons. Even after the first class I started to see improvements while using the techniques you taught. Just three months after taking this class my kids are helping more (even offering without being asked), I am yelling less, and I am more patient and understanding.

Cynthia Choi
Mother of two boys (8 yrs, 14 yrs)

Arthur Wankel

My wife and I both are extremely grateful to you and the course in “Redirecting Children’s Behavior” for opening our eyes to the misconceptions and myths that we were operating as unconscious parents. Your compassion for children and loving families is obvious and your interactive teaching style was very dramatic and effective, yet warm and spontaneous.

Arthur Wankel
Father & CPA
Published in 92130 Magazine

Published in San Diego Parent Magazine

"Hundreds of parents and families have participated in the six-week class series sponsored by the Oceanside and Carlsbad Boys and Girls Clubs. 'I could see the parents were having success... but I couldn't help feeling it would be even better if the kids were involved' Windisch says. [This is when] she started the Super Kid's Club program which complements the adult program and is conducted at the same time [and place]. When asked why most parents enroll in the program Windisch says, 'They're overwhelmed. They value their kids and families, but they're stuck in behaviors that result in bad feelings and negative learning patterns.'"