We understand how challenging it is today to meet the needs and desires of  children while trying to take care of yourself and your relationship with your partner simultaneously. It feels almost impossible at times as we are pulled in a million directions.
However, as caregivers and parents, we need to regularly take an objective view of the balancing of these relationships. One of the most important aspects for caregivers is to take care of ourselves while we are taking care of others.   Similar to being on an airplane during an emergency: The flight attendance remind us to “put the oxygen mask on ourselves BEFORE we put it on the child”. We are no good to the children if we pass out, right? Just like we are no good to our children if we are not setting limits with our kids and taking care of ourselves.
A large body of research documents the benefits of developing social and emotional skills and a positive mental health state during childhood. These are crucial developmental periods that set the stage for well-being later in life. Our mission is to deliver stimulating programs that support the mental, emotional, social and physical well-being of all family members and build healthy family relationships.
Through our home visits, group workshops and in-person and virtual coaching we have taught thousands of parents the basics of child development and how to set limits while fostering values such as family cooperation, child self-reliance and empowerment.
  • Parenting in harmony with your partner
  • Setting developmentally appropriate limits
  • Effective, STRONG & STILL LOVING discipline strategies
  • Effective consequences
  • Support in understanding child development issues
  • How to maneuver around behavioral “land-mines” and temper tantrums
  • Understanding your child and his/her personality
  • Strategies to handle power struggles
  • Guidance toward more independence and inter-dependence,
  • Self-reliance and impulse control
  • Family team-building Strategies
  • Quickly gain cooperation
  • Reduce yelling & idle threats
  • Calmer, happier, and peaceful  family members
  • Gain effective communication
  • More positive family connections
  • More family fun
  • More self-reliant children
  • Both caregivers together or separate coaching/mentoring.
  • Combination parent-child coaching.
  • Individual child/teen coaching/mentoring.
  • Child to child coaching/mentoring
We offer a time frame that is convenient for you and does not require travel. Multiple participants can be involved simultaneously through conferencing. We follow up with an e-mail outlining key points with references to additional resources discussed.


Our vision is to stand beside you as a guide, a mentor, a coach. Ideally, from the moment your precious infant takes their first breath until the moment your grandchild takes her first breath… and then some. We support kids and adults of all ages in families-from newbies to glamas.
Our team aspires to awaken your brain cells with stimulating, thought-provoking knowledge about young people and to support you in tailoring mindful routines, rules, decisions, and strategies for your family.
And our boldest passion is to bring you and your children closer together while. Laying that solid foundation, amidst the tears and tantrums, of continuous giggles, trust, & love.