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Taking Time For Yourself

Hey You! What do you say, it’s time to take care of uno, #1, YOU? 

What a concept! And how does the Bigger One (you) do that when you have these littler ones hanging on to you jean cuff or your elbow incessantly?

Well you just have to get clever and realize that the more often you take mini-breaks from the littler ones, the better off you both will be. So swap with a friend, trade with your sometimes “better half” and do something nurturing for yourself. The whole family benefits since you will come back slightly refueled with a bit more patience and ability to be creative as you meet those needs and wants , and set limits for the littler ones.

Some fun things you could do to feel rejuvenated with a few hours off:

  • Take a beach/nature walk 
  • Read a book you’ve been wanting to start/finish
  • Go to a cafe and get something special
  • Get your nails or hair done
  • Go to a yoga or meditation class
  • Have a date day / date night with your significant other
  • Take a nap
  • Go to an art class (sculpting, painting, jewelry, etc)
  • Meet up with friends

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